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The IEEE Student Activities Committee (SAC)

SAC is the IEEE committee responsible for student programs and benefits, and making recommendations to the Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) Board. These volunteer members provide important viewpoints and information, and represent the voice of the over 100,000 IEEE Student and Graduate Student members worldwide.

Mission: To deliver a common, high quality IEEE Student member experience globally, for lifelong, professional success through IEEE membership.

SAC and the MGA volunteer and staff teams oversee the IEEE student strategy. The goals of the strategy include:

  • Strengthen partnership between student activities and all other IEEE entities
  • Interactive training program and resource for repository for volunteer leadership development
  • Create student-friendly information management system
  • Diversify the IEEE Student membership to reflect IEEE’s technical fields of interests and interdependent professions
  • Operational excellence: provide SAC with training and measurable internal feedback
  • Create activities that students are interested in
  • Develop and deploy a strategy and plan for first-year Student members

MGA Student Activities Committee Members

Listed below are the members of the MGA Student Activities Committee. For more information on volunteer opportunities within your regional committee or to connect with them directly, please complete the form to the right.

  • SAC Chair, Elisa Barney Smith
  • SAC Vice Chair, Simay Akar
  • SAC Past Chair, Robert Ramirez

SPAC/SPAx Student Professional Awareness Activities Representatives

  • MGA/SAC/SPAA Chair, Adil Usman
  • IEEE USA SPAC Chair, Robert Vice

Regional Student Activities Chairs (RSACs)

Listed below are the Regional Student Activities Chairs (RSACs) in each of the ten Regions of IEEE. These volunteer members help organize student activities in these areas, including student paper contests, website contests for Student Branches, and other interesting activities so you as IEEE Student members can be more actively involved.

  • Region 1, Soon Wan
  • Region 2, Drew Lowery
  • Region 3, Victor Basantes
  • Region 4, Benjamin Strandskov
  • Region 5, Nasser Kehtarnavaz
  • Region 6, Elizabeth Johnston
  • Region 7, Mohammad Jamiul Alam
  • Region 8, Maciej Borówka
  • Region 9, Reiron Lopes
  • Region 10, Huynh Thi Thanh Binh

Regional Student Representatives (RSRs)

Listed below are the Regional Student representatives (RSRs) in each of the ten Regions of IEEE. These volunteer members help organize student activities in these areas, including student paper contests, website contests for Student Branches, region websites, and other interesting activities and programs, so you as IEEE Student members get engaged and more actively involved.

  • Region 1, Matthew Simiele
  • Region 2, William Howard
  • Region 3, Subodha Charles
  • Region 4, Thassyo Pinto
  • Region 5, Fiaz Islam Bhuiyan
  • Region 6, Joe Sandoval
  • Region 7, Melissa Vosough Tehrani
  • Region 8, George Papadimitriou
  • Region 9, Clara Berendsen
  • Region 10, Saaveethya Sivakumar

Industrial Representatives and other SAC Representatives

  • R. Barnett Adler
  • Peter T. Mauzey
  • Gowtham Prasad
  • Prijoe Philips Komattu
  • Tom Coughlin
  • John Paserba
  • Sharad Sinha, Potentials Magazine Editor in Chief
  • Clara Berendsen, Potentials Magazine Student editor
  • Aristotelis Farmakis, Young Professionals Representative to SAC
  • Laleh Behjat, TAB Representative to SAC
  • Luis Felipe Gaitan Cubides, Branch Chapter Student Representative to SAC
  • Hossam Ali, Branch Chapter Representative to SAC
  • Prasanth Mohan, Awards and Recognition Chair
  • George Michael, IEEEXtreme Project Lead
  • Ed Rezek, IEEE HKN Representative to SAC
  • Simay Akar, Branch Leadership Training Sub Committee Chair

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