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The IEEE Student Activities Committee (SAC)

SAC is the IEEE committee responsible for student programs and benefits, and making recommendations to the Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) Board. These volunteer members provide important viewpoints and information, and represent the voice of the over 100,000 IEEE Student and Graduate Student members worldwide.

Mission: To deliver a common, high quality IEEE Student member experience globally, for lifelong, professional success through IEEE membership.

SAC and the MGA volunteer and staff teams oversee the IEEE student strategy. The goals of the strategy include:

  • Strengthen partnership between student activities and all other IEEE entities
  • Interactive training program and resource for repository for volunteer leadership development
  • Create student-friendly information management system
  • Diversify the IEEE Student membership to reflect IEEE’s technical fields of interests and interdependent professions
  • Operational excellence: provide SAC with training and measurable internal feedback
  • Create activities that students are interested in
  • Develop and deploy a strategy and plan for first-year Student members

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