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Beyond IEEE Students = IEEE Young Professionals


STEP is an acronyms for Student Transition & Elevation Partnership, a program developed by IEEE to facilitate the transition from student member to young professionals by introducing opportunities and benefits of IEEE membership at the start of the career.

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YP Affinity Groups

Similar to IEEE Student Branches, YP Affinity Groups are regionally based organizations that promote networking from the local level and beyond. These local and regional groups have the ability to organize Signature Events and hold impromptu socials at venues of their discretion.

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IEEE Volunteering

Volunteering for small things, with a big impact. Volunteering offers flexibility to volunteering within IEEE. Through this platform, IEEE members will be able to advertise and search for volunteering opportunities, be it short- or long-term, local or remote, or requiring different skills.

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Signature Events

IEEE Young Professionals Signature Events are put on to increase the visibility of IEEE Young Professionals at large global events. Be part of this as an organizer and/or attendee.

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Seed Funding

Providing support for local events to increase local volunteers’ engagement and satisfaction, and consequently gain enough momentum to create fully sustainable YP Affinity Groups.

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