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SPAx Committee

The Student Professional Activities (SPAx) Committee is responsible primarily for developing, implementing, and promoting activities among Student Members of the IEEE. This committee coordinates lists of top speakers, and funding to facilitate the hosting of a SPAx event at student branches around the world. This program has an emphasis on professional awareness, but may include broad technical topics.


Adil Usman

Headshot Photo of John Paserba

John Paserba

VC, Partnerships and Fundraising
Headshot Photo of Charles Rubenstein

Charles Rubenstein

VC, Region Coordination 1-6

Kithmin Wickremasinghe

VC, Region Coordination 7-10
SPAX Committee - Abdul Halik M I

Abdul Halik M I

VC, Communications

Regional Coordinators

To answer questions students may have when developing their SPAx activities, each region has a SPAx coordinator. They also can share information on the benefits of holding a SPAx event and tips to improve your event.

Region 1 – Charles Rubenstein
Region 2 – TBD
Region 3 – David Fillion
Region 4Biswaranjan Senapati
Region 5 – Abu Asaduzzaman
Region 6Peijung Tsai
Region 7 – TBD
Region 8 – Davide Morgado
Region 9 – Robert Ramirez
Region 10 – Nandan S