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IEEE Outstanding Branch Counselor and Branch Chapter Advisor Award

Award for the exceptional and dedicated efforts of Student Branch Counsellors and Branch Chapter Advisors. The Member and Geographic Activities and Technical Activities Boards sponsor the cash award to maximum of 20 Outstanding Counsellors and Advisors around the world. Winners will be those individuals who, through their work as Counsellors and Advisors, exemplify the Institute’s commitment to the educational, personal, professional, and technical development of students in IEEE related fields of interest.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Nominating Branches, or Branch Chapters, must meet the requirements of IEEE Bylaws, in the current academic year, by submitting required reporting forms and
    holding at least three meetings during the year.
  • Past winners are ineligible for re-nomination.
  • Regional Student Activities Committee Chairs (RSACs) are also ineligible during their term of office.
  • Nominating Student Branch must have done the VTools Officers Reporting and VTools Student Branch Reporting to be qualified for this award. I.e Branch Counselor
    must be reported in Vtools Officers Reporting.
  • Branch Counselor or Advisor must have completed a minimum period of at least one year in office to be eligible for this award.
  • Student Branch or Branch Chapter must remain active for a period of at-least one year to be eligible for this award.

Nomination Process

  • Nominations can be submitted by any active IEEE Student Branch Member of the Student Branch or Branch Chapter. I.e Student Branch Chair, Secretary, Vice-Chair,
    Member etc. Nominator must be an active IEEE Student Member of the Student Branch at the time of nomination.
  • Recommended that the entire nomination is submitted in English which will ease the Judging Process of this award.
  • Nominating Student Members must submit an essay in English (not to exceed 1,000 words) on why they feel their Branch Counselor or Branch Chapter Advisor has
    earned the qualifications of “Outstanding Branch Counselor and Advisor” for the year.) Essay can highlight the support and motivation provided by counselor or
    advisor for the student branch and branch members.
  • Supporting documentation to be provided by the Branch or Branch Chapter along with the nomination (Recommended Language: English)
    • Petition of endorsement from at-least 12 active IEEE Student Members of the Student Branch or Student Branch Chapter members;
    • Letters of recommendation (Maximum of 2) from persons such as IEEE Student Members, IEEE Professional Members of the Student Branch such as Faculty,
      Professors, Department Chairs etc;
  • The entire submission should be completed in the Nomination Form given at the Student Awards Portal. (Possible resources for preparing the nomination include the
    Electrical Engineering Department Chair or appropriate subject matter teacher, Dean of Engineering, faculty members, Dean of Students, Academic Dean, fellow
    Branch or Branch Chapter members, and IEEE Region, Section, or Chapter volunteers)
  • If you require additional information on this process, you may contact IEEE Student Services at

Please note that IEEE maintains publishing rights to print excerpts from all material submitted.

Deadline is 31st March of each year

Evaluation Criteria

  • The primary criteria for selection are the enthusiastic support of the Branch Counselor, or Branch Advisor, by his or her students, and the commitment he or she has
    made to the engineering profession by the fostering of activities that encourage the development of IEEE Student members.
  • Evaluation will be based on:
    • evidence that the Student Branch is active in the paper, device, and other competitions, and has an active program of meetings and field trips;
      the Student Branch’s membership level or good growth;
    • evidence that the Student Branch is striving to meet the scientific, educational, and professional purposes of IEEE;
    • recognition of efforts to instill leadership qualities in student officers and to guide them in their efforts to administer the Student Branch or Branch Chapter
    • recognition of efforts to assist student officers in the development of yearly activities that lead to the technical and professional awareness of Student members;
    • recognition of efforts to foster effective interaction between the Student Branch and the local IEEE Section through participation in Section events and meetings.

Each winner will receive a personalized digital certificate and one year of complimentary membership in IEEE. In addition, the Student Branch that submits the nomination will receive a US$150 cash award.

Past recipients
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