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IEEE Regional Exemplary Student Branch Award

The purpose of this award is to provide public recognition of exemplary IEEE Student Branch operations.

Eligibility Criteria

  •  Award will be presented annually to each qualifying Student Branch in each Region, without numerical limit.
  • To qualify for the award, a Student Branch must conform to IEEE bylaws, have an active program, and support IEEE goals.
  • Student Branch is active in the paper, device, and other competitions, and has an active program of meetings and field trips;
  • Evidence that the Student Branch is striving to meet the scientific, educational, and professional purposes of IEEE.
  • Only the activities, initiatives and accomplishment Information about the previous calendar year will be considered for evaluation. Nominators are requested to
    provide only that specific information than historical data. i.e 1st Jan to 31st Dec of Previous Year

Nomination Process

  • A Student Branch must be nominated for this award by an officer of the Student Branch using the Nomination Form.
  • The nomination must be accompanied by supporting documentation to illustrate the nominated Student Branch that deserves the award and by the certifying
    endorsement of the Branch Counsellor.
  • The nominator(s) shall complete a Nomination Form via the Student Awards Portal
  • If you require additional information about the award or the awards process, you may contact us at

Please note that IEEE maintains publishing rights to print excerpts from all material submitted.

Deadline is 31st March of each year

Evaluation Criteria

  • Awards will be presented to those Student Branches that are found to be operated in a manner consistent with the goals of IEEE.
  • A Student Branch will be considered to have met this criterion if it has furnished all five required items of documentation and at least 12 additional items of
  • Additional verification and/or documentation (other than uploaded ones) should be available upon request.

Find out more information on the criteria (PDF)

A customized digital certificate attesting to the exemplary operation of the Student Branch.

Past Recipients
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