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Potentials Chair / Editor-in-Chief
Vaughan Clarkson

Student Editor
Clara Berendsen

Associate Editor
Ray Floyd

Associate Editor
Sharad Sinha

Associate Editor
Christopher James

Associate Editor
John Benedict Boggala

Associate Editor
Syrine Ferjaoui

Associate Editor
Catia Bandeiras

Associate Editor
Dario Schor

Corresponding Editor
Sachin Seth

Corresponding Editor
Thanos Kakarountas

Corresponding Editor
Cristian Quintero

Corresponding Editor
Mahshid Iraniparast

Corresponding Editor
Ashley Smith

Staff Managing Editor
Craig Causer

Potentials Magazine

Potentials Magazine provides 140,000 undergraduate and graduate students members of IEEE with a publication to address global issues, technology trends, and career development topics.

Bi-monthly publication focusing on educational and industry themes such as:

  • Careers/graduate education
  • Internet of Things
  • Self-driving technology
  • Student and YP Entrepreneurship

IEEE Potentials Magazine is a publication dedicated to undergraduate and graduate students and young professionals. IEEE Potentials explores career strategies, the latest in research, and important technical developments. Through its articles, it also relates theories to practical applications, highlights technology’s global impact, and generates international forums that foster the sharing of diverse ideas about the profession.

Call For Articles

Submission of Papers: Prospective authors are invited to submit articles of
up to 4,000 words. Articles should be aimed at a student audience and
should not represent original research. The Potentials style requires no
abstract, no citations from within the main text and minimal equations, but liberal
use of relevant, captioned illustrations and photographs is encouraged.
For more information, refer to the Magazine’s Information for Authors. Articles
for consideration should be uploaded to

Theme Issue: Making Self-Driving Vehicles a Reality

Release: November/December 2019

Lead Editor:
Sachin Seth —

A theme issue on “Making Self-Driving Vehicles a Reality” will explore enabling hardware technologies (sensors, computing, etc.), unique software paradigms (deep learning algorithms, cloud security, etc.), as well as address ethical questions around autonomous mobility, making each topic accessible to student readers. We invite the submission of manuscripts for publication.

Topics include but are not limited to:
■ Compute requirements
■ Sensor technology
■ Cellular connectivity (Cloud, 5G) requirements
■ SLAM/Deep-learning algorithms
■ High-definition mapping
■ Cybersecurity in self-driving vehicles
■ Startups/entrepreneurship in new mobility
■ Self driving beyond cars (trucks, ships, tractors, etc.)
■ The economics of self-driving technology

Manuscript submission
Notification of paper acceptance
Accepted manuscript upload
Publication date

3 June 2019
1 July 2019
1 August 2019
1 November 2019
Please note that the deadline is just a guideline – once enough articles have been received for an edition submissions for that theme will close.

Theme Issue: Medical Technology Breakthroughs

Release: March/April 2020

Lead Editors:
Cátia Bandeiras —
John Benedict Boggala —
Syrine Ferjaoui —

IEEE Potentials is the IEEE’s global magazine for students, with a circulation of 140,000. The theme issue, “Medical Technology Breakthroughs,” will explore various technologies in health care and disease prevention as well as address the social, political, and ethical impacts of these technologies. We invite the submission of manuscripts for publication.

Topics include but are not limited to:

■ Biomedical imaging and image processing
■ Modeling physiological systems
■ Rehabilitation engineering
■ Medical robotics and human–machine interfaces
■ Stem cell biology and regenerative medicine
■ Biomaterials and tissue engineering
■ Bioinformatics and systems biology
■ Health informatics/telemedicine
■ Wearable biomedical sensors and systems
■ Micro and nano bioengineering

Manuscript submission
Notification of paper acceptance
Accepted manuscript upload
Publication date

1 October 2019
1 November 2019
2 December 2019

March/April 2020

Submit Articles

How to volunteer for Potentials

Students and Young Professionals can volunteer for Potentials by becoming a Contributing editor. We ask that you submit a list of 5 ideas of articles related to any of our upcoming themes and a writing sample.

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