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Professional Awareness: Regions 7-10

Professional awareness emphasizes of the importance of the non-technical aspects of engineering to engineers and future engineers. Student Professional Awareness Activities (SPAAs) are structured events organized by Student Branches where students listen to experienced engineers from diverse backgrounds and discuss topics on various professional development categories. SPAAs involve presentation(s), panel sessions, and hands-on, team-oriented activities focused on giving practical, real-world engineering experience.

SPAA focus areas

Include but are not limited to:

  • Professional career
  • Managerial and Professional Skills
  • Administrative and Organizational expertise
  • Entrepreneurship and Professional integrity
  • Personality Development
  • Engineers and Public Policy
  • Leadership in professional organizations
  • Practice of innovation and creativity
  • Art of communication
  • Global Humanitarian Challenges

Benefits to students

  • To build and enhance non-technical skills (organization and teamwork, project management, communication, time management, crisis management, risk management and face the challenges)
  • Expand and strengthen personal and social networking
  • Add results to resume
  • Build and develop an executive expertise
  • Develop a decision-making ability
  • Get better job opportunities
  • Become life-long members
  • Be a leader of tomorrow

How to apply

Prior to applying for the SPAA support make sure that you have:

  • Decided on the topics which are within the scope of SPAA
  • Once you have made the draft plan follow the next steps as:
  • Inform the SPAA coordinator through email, briefing about the drafted plan (Adil Usman)  email:

    Form subject Line could be: SPAA Support_ Region X_ Section Y

  1. Invite the speakers
  2. Complete the application f0rm at the bottom of this page.
  3. Publicize the event through social media, email invitations and posting on your official Student Branch website
  4. Prepare for the event
  5. After the event, submit another report using the form at the bottom of this page. Support your report with clear photos and attendance to the event. The attendance could be divided as number of IEEE and non-IEEE members attended. The template has been provided for the same.
  6. Collect feedback from attendees and document lessons learned for the next SPAA.

SPAA Application

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