SPAx Events

Many student branches have hosted SPAx events. Here are descriptions of some events that the organizers have shared with us. Be sure to share your event reports with us, so we can include your event here as well.

A virtual SPAx “Implementing Lean Approaches: Administering Transfiguration Risks” was held on a virtual platform by Desh Bhagat University IEEE  SB.

They celebrated their 1st event “Implementing Lean Approaches: Administering Transfiguration Risks” on 30th Dec- 31st Dec 2020.

They have included many topics in their event such as quality Life Cycle, the role of Digital Marketing in Post Covid Era, awareness about Opportunities for the IEEE Student Branch, and industry 4.0 “Internet of Everything”.

The SPAx “One-day Symposium on Professional Opportunities” was held as a hybrid (online and offline) event by Indian Institute of Technology-Mandi IEEE SB.

It was a one-day non-technical event covering Introduction to Industrial Exposure for Young Graduates, Increasing Trends of Women in Engineering, and Bridging the Gap Between Academy and Industry. The series of events fulfilled its objectives.

The event consisted of four different sessions for uncovering the different aspects to the young professionals. The experienced industry professionals and academician had been invited to deliver their ideas. The titles of the four events in the one-day symposium were:

• A Journey from Academia to Industry
• Career Mould
• Career Opportunities in Research and Industry
• Career Counseling and Job Opportunities

A virtual SPAx “Three days symposium on Career Development Opportunities and Industrial Exposure 2.0” was held on a virtual platform by IEEE STB Rajkiya Engineering College SB.

Day 1 was started with a introductory lecture about the Indian Army and how it works. Further they had Mrs. Manvi Chauhan who told them how to
make correct choices and how to develop their quality. The day ended with a technical lecture by Mr. Anshdeep Yadav who talked about how grids work and how to get into the field.

Day 2 started with an idea of how to be self-employed by Mr. Anant Mittal. He spoke about how to work in real estate and how to increase the market value to get benefits. Then Mr. Saket Rusia gave a guide for the college studies. Closing out the day they had Mr. Adil Usman gave a general talk motivating the attendees to take one step daily towards their goals.

The final day began with motivational speaker Dr. Aseem Chandel who motivated the attendees by talking about how the slow and steady race always wins the match. Then there was a technical lecture on software by Ms. Smriti Singh who told us about present scenarios and demand in software development. They ended the program with a very interactive session by Mr. Anshul Kumar.

IEEE Student Branch Mar Athanasius College of Engineering conducted many webinars in September 2020 as a part of SPAAM (Student Professional Awareness Activities Month).

On 14 September 2020 they conducted the webinar “Freelancing: Challenges and Opportunities”. The session was handled by Ms. K Krishnendu, a famous freelance writer. She made the webinar fruitful and encouraged the audience by relating her own experiences, pointed out all the main factors related to freelancing, and highlighted topics like prospects, leads, conversions, pros, and cons, etc.

On 16 December 2020 they conducted a webinar on the topic “How IEEE Helped my Career”. The session was handled by Mr. Aravindhan Anbazhagan. He gained the respect of the audience by relating his own experiences and observations. He pointed out all the benefits he got from IEEE as a student, CS graduate, professional, educator, entrepreneur, etc. He inspired the participants by telling his own transformative story.

A final webinar on the topic “Startup Experience” was on 18 December 2020 presented by John Mathew. He started the presentation by raising a question to the audience, which made the whole session interactive. He explained various aspects of a startup like how to implement an idea, how to face challenges etc. Also, he tried to make a clear-cut idea about the startup journey by explaining his own experiences.

A virtual SPAx event, “INSPPIRO” was held on a virtual platform by IEEE ADIT SB. It reached an audience of 750+ participants across the globe from 9th-11th October 2020 with the theme of ‘Sharing stories, shaping minds’.

With over 13 keynote sessions, networking activities, contests and workshops it was streamed live to a large audience. Participants held a chance to interact with dignified personalities from multidisciplinary domains and were inspired by various eye-opening sessions. The sessions highlighted aspects of women empowerment, leadership, career development, the importance of IEEE, valuable life lessons and much more.

The networking activities and contests helped the participants connect with each other and showcase their creative talents. Thus, the event was a rewarding experience for the participants, volunteers, ambassadors, delegates, and the entire team.

From 15th to 20th October 2020 AISSMS Institute of Information Technology, Pune Student Branch held a virtual SPAx.

The SPAx event, Pune Section Student Young Professionals Women In Engineering Congress- PSYWC 2020, was envisioned to provide its members a platform with dynamic career opportunities, a path to connect with academicians, scholars, and entrepreneurs from diversified fields and a rewarding experience of blending cultures. This year, PSYWC was hosted by 10 SBs of the IEEE PUNE SECTION. The flagship event of the IEEE Pune Section has been a colloquium that brings together youth to the successful professionals and experts who endow their ideologies and success mantra to the youngsters.

They had over 5 days of networking and sessions by amazing speakers.

From 14th January, 2020 to 16th January, 2020 IEEE Student Branch UCET IUB held a virtual SPAx event.
The 3-day event, held at auditorium Faculty of Engineering IUB, included four seminars:

Professional Ethics – This seminar was on professional ethics. The speaker shared his own experience and real-life examples.
• The second day featured two seminars, Mock Interviews and CV Workshop, in which students took part in activities and learned about CV making and interviews, and the second seminar was Effective Leadership Skills.
• The last seminar, A Professional Adventure: Search for a Job, was arranged on the third day in which students interacted with the speaker to discuss their queries about job hunting and workplace behaviors.

At the beginning of September 2020, IEEE Student Branch Mar Athanasius College of Engineering held a virtual SPAx event.

On 4 September 2020, they held the webinar, “Should You Go For an Advanced Degree” delivered by Mr. Abhijith Asok. He gave the participants a clear idea of why, when, where, and what degree to opt for higher education. He also suggested various funding options and numerous scholarships that can be obtained for an advanced degree.

On 9 September 2020, they held another webinar, presented by Mr. Kundan P Kumar. Through this webinar, Mr. Kundan P Kumar discussed the main examinations which we can attend after earning a Bachelor of Technology. These include GATE, MBA Entrance exams, PSC, SSC, and exams in banking sectors. He informed the audience that for a B.Tech Graduate, the most prime and important one among these is GATE. He also discussed MBA entrances such as CAT, CMAT, XAT, IIFT, SNAP.

On 19th September 2020 AISSMS Institute of Information Technology IEEE Student Branch conducted a Panel Discussion on MBAs in the USA.

The panelists were three professionals who have all earned their MBAs from different schools in the USA. They discussed their journeys from studying and appearing for the GMAT, their experiences as a students of the top business schools in the USA and the opportunities available afterwards.

The panelists were : Mr. Abhishek Mahna who earned his MBA from Goizeuta Business School, Ms. Goldy Bhowmik who earned her MBA in marketing and business analytics from Kelley School of Business, and Mr. Sidharth Mishra who earned his MBA from Harvard Business School and is an engineer from IIT Pawai.

The session was moderated by Mr. Bhaskar Mishra who is currently working as a product owner at Principal, Pune and is the Chair of Young Professionals Affinity group, IEEE Pune Section.

On 9th July 2020 BBDNITM IEEE Student Branch held a Virtual SPAx event. The event was A 3 Day Virtual Quality Improvement Program for Engineering and Technology Fraternity. It included webinars on technical topics by experts, followed by lively Q&A sessions.

  • Day 1: – The Chair of IEEE India Council, Dr. S.N. Singh talked about ‘quality improvement’ on the first day as a chief guest followed by a thoroughly intriguing webinar by Dr. Elisa Barney, on “Digital Humanities: Using EE/CS Skills to Solve Mysteries in Humanities” (some even dating back to WWII).
  • Day 2: – A detail-heavy webinar by Prof. Benbouzid on “Advanced Signal Processing Techniques for Electromechanical System Fault Detection and Diagnosis and Fault Tolerant Control Approaches”.
  • Day 3: – An informative webinar by Prof. Nitin Saxena on “The Role of Ancillary Services in Power Systems” which was loaded with examples.

On 27th December, 2019 IEEE Student Branch of Vignan’s Foundation for Science, Technology Research held a SPAx event.

The event began on a bright note with the welcoming of guests and lighting of the lamp. Dr. N. Usha Rani, Senior IEEE Member, addressed the gathering and stated the theme of the event, SPAA & IEEE. She highlighted the importance of awareness of new technology.

Then, Mr. Ravi Shekhar, Media Head, VFSTR and Dr. Sk. Jakeer Hussain, Deputy HOD, ECE Dept, VFSTR addressed the gathering and mentioned the importance of IoT, the application of microcontrollers and lifestyle to technology. Later, Prof. Dr. V. Prithviraj, MS(IIT-M), Ph.D. (IIT-KGP) was the Guest of Honor at the inaugural function who spoke about drone technology and  discussed the applications of drone technology in the present scenario. Two days of various talks were organized to understand challenges and technological solutions.